martes, 5 de abril de 2011

Urban Rivals 41

Pastor, medico del grupo Rescue
Diseño de personaje para Urban Rivals

Copyright Urban Rivals

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  1. Not the best art ever, but this one is pretty cool IMO.
    His face looks funny, don't know if it's a bad thing at all since I like it. Great work here.

  2. Muy bueno John, este me encanta ^^
    Hay que ver lo que as tardado en tus ultimos dibujos eh ;)

    PD: En Urban Rivals se llama Pastor, no Pasteur, por si es un error ^^

  3. Hey Lein, gracias por señalar la errata! =)
    Me alegro de que disfrutes de las ilustraciones de UR, aunque tarden ;D

    Wagner, thanks for your comment. I appreciate the honesty! Check out for the incoming characters, you may like them a lot more! =)

  4. You are pretty welcome mr.Jhon xD

    Two days for the next card release, right? Are you going to draw something this time?

  5. Unfortunatly, I don't know when is one of my characters going to be release. But there might be some cool news soon.

  6. Oh well, i'll be waiting then.
    Almost forgot, I have something to ask you: From where all your references came from? Games, Mangas, Books? Or basically everything?
    Keep with the good job!

  7. Hey Wagner, there are many influences in my life. In my early years I was greatly inspired by Animes such as dragon ball. Later on videogames had played a huge part of my references and finally, I've been seduced by American styles, such as Simon Bisley and other comic artists.

    All in all, I like to be influences by all sorts of film - comic - videogame related things.

  8. ola jonh tengo una preguntita con que programa diseñas las cartas ? y tambien tengo otra he hablado con atencion de cliente de urban rivals he creado una carta y les mande el link de la pagina web donde tenia mi preciosidad pero no les gusta y la rechazaron que hago? dame un consejo y dime k programa usuas (MUCHAS GRACIAS)